Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Game Over / Continue

Back in March when I was at GDC I did a game for an exhibition at Giant Robo. The event was called Game Over / Continue, and imaginative as I was I ended up naming the game the same thing.

Originally I had planned to do a single player game, but time went by and the day before the event I hadn't received the graphics I was going to work with nor even started working on the game engine. So I went to my collaborative partner, Deth P Sun's studio to spend three hours or so finishing my project. I ended up destroying the awesome cat graphics he had drawn for me, and turning the whole idea around to a multiplayer action game instead (everyone else at the exhibition was doing multiplayer, so I blame group pressure). The cats became freaky mutant spiders crawling creepily across the screen, and the environmental graphics ended up falling down the gameplay arena like slow rain.

I'm not sure if I should be ashamed or proud of the results, but either way I can't really release the game since it requires two joypads and I'm not even sure which ones I ended up using in the final version. I had to recode the movement script at the scene, semi-drunk, since they were all out of 360 controllers.

So today I found a nice video from the event, and figured that it might be interesting to see for those who were unable to attend themselves. My game is shown at 3:45, with Erik Svedäng (of Blueberry Garden) and Messhof playing. The other games are better than mine, and the whole video can be fun to watch since a huge portion of the indie scene can be spotted mingling in the background.

I'll see if I can finish a game for Christmas eve as well. I've released way too few games this year.


Anonymous said...

Oh God, I didn't know that Anna Antrophy is... a... he.

Madamluna said...

Anna Anthropy is a transgender woman.

Also, the game looks pretty neat! Would have loved to play them if I were there :)

DATA said...


cactus said...

Awesome picture :O

Firepith said...

is it just me or was one of the drawings on that wall of QBert giving Mario a blowjob?! lol

Sergey said...

Game Over / Continue ?

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