Sunday, June 20, 2010

Norrland Trailer

Since I didn't sell any of the copies I printed I'll put them up for auction on eBay. Once they're sold the game will be released for free online.

Please note that this is a bit of an "art game". I'm sure a lot of people won't like it.


mike said...

Looks crazy. If you link to those prints I might buy one.

Anonymous said...

Will the ones for sale have English subtitles (or some sort of page we can look at to translate them)? I totally respect the decision to release them without such subtitles if you choose to do so, but I won't be buying one. :P

Mister Scoops said...

Now I want to play twice as badly. Anyone who doesn't like it because it is an "art" game, is an asshole. The "art" is what makes your games so unique.

Jasper said...

I want one!

brandonnn said...

did someone say "art game"? let me know when they're up on eBay, i'm definitely down to get one!

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to know about English subtitles, but it is significantly less likely to adversely affect my purchase than the previous Anonymous.

r.kachowski said...

looks like a biddin' war's a-brewing

nessxx said...

Just give me a new
This is Infinity already! :D

But it looks very good, i like the art style.

phubans said...

Where is the link to buy them? How much are they selling for?

Daniel said...

On the one hand I totally hope a lot of your faithful followers will bid on this beautiful thing so that your work gets the kudos it deserves.
Yet on the other hand I would also love to get a copy for +- 20 €/$ ... What a dilemma.

So when does the auction kick off?

Unknown said...

hey what was the song in the youtube clip? that was cool

Dean said...

This game looks ridiculously awesome. Wish I would've known that you were auctioning off those copies, I definitely would have bought one. Can't wait to play it, cheers Cactus.

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Präst :D said...

Hur kommer man förbi den fule jäveln som frågar om man är bög? Kan man det eller tar spelet slut då? Annars så var det ett skitbra spel :D

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