Sunday, December 5, 2010

Psychosomnium Mac version?!

L, aka J-Factor of the excellent Soul Fighter (the game that initially got me into shmups) sent me a Mac port of Psychosomnium the other day. Seeing as I don't have a Mac it's hard for me to see if it actually works, but maybe someone here can verify that!

Game available here (12mb). Music by zabutom, titlescreen artwork by Cow.

Also, the blog has been pretty inactive lately so I'll see if I can get some time to do a small game next week. Some big projects in the works though!


Anonymous said...

Any word on what became of Brain Dead Toon Underworld?

Anonymous said...

works as far as I can tell

Tom said...

Works nice and smooth, just like the original.
Thanks Cactus, thanks J-Factor. Hope to see more Mac ports in the future. ;)

Leon said...

Thanks! J-Factor is actually only a relative of mine who lets me use his domain name - but we both use Game Maker. Or used to, anyway.

Feryl said...

Big projects, huh? Any hints? :)

Cervantes said...

Wow, a new big project! =] Awesome news!

By the way, Dear Agent was great, and it was really nice to see a damn good review of Norland in the Rock, paper, shotgun site (nice both because it was well written and because the game was great).

Radstronomical said...

I really like this so far, but I just quit out of frustration. I never played the original, but is it supposed to be the case that, moving from one room to the next, I have to press the button again to move (as in, I can't continue holding it from the last room)? It's really annoying, especially when I'm started hovering dangerously close to spikes as the bee.

raighneHOGAN said...

Everything works perfectly on my computer. Fantastic! I liked that it was a little difficult and I did not find it overly frustrating. I did however curse at some of my deaths as they surprised me.

escooler said...

My thanks to the guys who did this. I have been wanting to play your games for some time. Could they do a job on norrland too?

Cow said...

You should've let me know about this, I could've done some new title screen art... :Y

Feryl said...


The original art is still great, though!

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Rod said...

Is there any way that i can play this, without a Mac?

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