Monday, October 28, 2013

IGF 2014 Impressions

I decided to look through this year's IGF entrants and see if I could find some interesting new games to be excited about. I chose to only write about games I had never heard of before, so a lot of really good looking games were left out. Might write a list of those later.


All I know about this game is that it's centered around Hieronymus Bosch, it's a graphic novel type of game, the plot doesn't sound terrible and the trailer is very nice.


A "fictional imagining of a girl who died 40,000 years ago" apparently. It doesn't really look like a game I would necessarily enjoy playing, but the trailer did intrigue me.

Savage: The Shard of Gosen

This one I chose to list mostly because I found the graphics full of charm and it seems like a game the creators really put their heart into.

Some Thing Clicked

I have no idea what this is about but I absolutely loved the trailer.

Crypt Worlds: Your Darkest Desires, Come True

Parts of this trailer look very surreal and the graphics ooze of retro 3D charm at times. Leaves me with a mixed impression as the gameplay seen in the video didn't really click with me.

ASUNDER - Earthbound

Apparently this is an Occulus Rift game. I see potential in the premise even if I did have problems with some of the execution. I just hope the final bit in the trailer isn't an indication that this will end up being a typical survival horror/zombie game...


Not sure at all what I think of this, but the graphics are at least kinda nice.

Games without videos: Endlight


Paul said...

Yo yo, thanks for the shout out on STC. :)

I still have to go through the long list some time myself but nice picks.

Cave! Cave! is great, love the style so much. And Denisovan looks really interesting. Asunder looked so great, then zombies. :(

You should totally play Crypt Worlds (or some of her other awesome games). At the very least, that's my favourite trailer of the year.

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