Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Interview on Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Jim Rossignol of Rock, Paper, Shotgun contacted me a while ago about doing an interview on the topic of the new Mondo game. After some hassle with internet problems and other troubles, it's finally available for people to read.

Click here to read it!

I think I was pretty secretive (maybe a bit too much) so there's no real spoilers in there. But it might be an interesting read anyhow.


ronnoc said...

Well, you gave away the name, which I don't think has been mentioned before. 'Mondo Wires,' I like it :D

dangerneck said...

I enjoyed that interview. You were open and forthcoming enough for plenty of interesting information to come out, but still closed enough to keep intact your alluring shroud of mystery. Or I just project that shroud onto you. I'm not sure.

toasty mofo said...

I didn't know the mondo series had roots in the b-games compo. Pretty cool

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