Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mind Map

On my way home from the Nordic Game Jam, I wanted to plan out a few things for a game, so I sat on the train and drew a few mind maps.

But I got bored with the pen and paper so I decided to make an application to create digital mind maps instead. I'm sure there's already a few of these around but I made this little thing anyway.

These are instructions

Maybe someone will find it useful, I have no idea. I'll probably use it at some point myself. If anyone wants to improve it, feel free to ask and I'll give you the source.


Madamluna said...

This is awesome, very handy and lightweight. Thanks a lot, I'll definitely be using this :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you Cactus, it's very usefull, totally space, and incredibly perfect.

But, because it must have a but, do nyou think there can be a way to use those maps in an other way than print screen ?


See you buddy, you're really good, i keep looking for your work.

Andrew said...

Hey, I'll have a go at improving it if you want, just send over the source to my email: andrew-ap(at)

Good job!

#Xeno said...

Very cool, cactus! Recommend being able to double-click to open the "write" option and being able to right-click drag to connect. Still works great though!

People who like this might enjoy Dark
Room, a greentext on black bg windowed or full-screen text editor with no distractions

Looking forward to your next games :)

23 said...

Hey, it looks like you're download link is broken. Good app though, can't wait to see more of your games.

ManaTree said...

Hey Cactus, first time poster, long time fan of awesome stuff. I love this app, and I'd like a crack at the source. (jkninja at gmail dot com)

Eric said...

Please reupload? Your games are fantastic!

KYTE said...

You are my hero!
For the last few days, I've been sort of looking here and there for a program like this, but really not finding any that interest me.
I've been playing with this for twenty minutes or so, and love it.
By chance, I stumbled upon this while catching up some of my usual indie game blogs.
I've always thought you were way cool, but this seals it!

Thank you!

What are the limitations for this?
Like, how big can the save files get? The bubbles? The whole maps themselves? Or is it all up to the machine running it?
Sorry for all of the questions ^^;

Feruchan said...

Would you mind if this is added here?

buy jeans said...

I've been playing with this for twenty minutes or so, and love it.
By chance, I stumbled upon this while catching up some of my usual indie game blogs.

subinfinity said...

Dunno if you'll catch a comment on a post that's almost two years old, but...
I'm learning Processing, and I really like your mind map program, and thought that trying to make a clone/port of this might be a worthwhile project. If you could send the source to subinfinity /at\ gmail dawt com, that would rule.

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Radio Radio said...

I tried to download this, but it doesn't seem to exist any more :(
Can you re-upload it somewhere?


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