Monday, December 22, 2008

Madamluna's Paraluxx

This is a collection of comic strips and artwork by Madamluna featuring various characters and settings from my games. There's also an appearance by Jesse Venbrux's character "Karoshi".

Length: 15 pages
Genre: general / humor
Style: gag / illustration
Games: Clean Asia!, Mondo Medicals, Psychosomnium, God Came to the Cave
Download: zip / view online

And while on the topic of fans and such... If you've got Facebook you can always show your appreciation by becoming a fan here.

Mondo Teasers

I just made a new teaser trailer for the new Mondo game. Compared to the previous one, this shows a lot less content, and not much new, except one of the main ideas in the game. It gives a few hints that won't spoil anything, but you will hopefully understand them better when you've played it.

Sadly, the game's still far from being finished, but that will hopefully just mean that the content will be more rich. I've had a few new ideas in the last weeks or so, which I'm confident will turn the project into a better game.

And for those who missed it, there's an old trailer with further content here.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Some old games I never "finished"

Here are a few old games that I haven't placed on my site. They aren't "finished" but I've released them on forums before, and I doubt I'll ever finish them. So I might as well put them here as they are somewhat enjoyable.

If you are using Windows Vista, you will need this converter to play most of the games.

Ad Nauseam - Demo1 and Demo2 (2007)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Crazy Patterns (2007)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Malicious A.I. (2005)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

RETROFuture (2006)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Silent Chain (2007)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Teknozombie (2006)
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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Old Stuff

Found some really old stuff that was saved online. Figured I'd might as well post it here. The first gallery has a few pics from old site designs I did when I was still into making music. It contains some nudity, so if you can't stand stuff like that... Don't click the pic.

Download some music here.

The second one is really some screenshots from a game I was making back in 2006, but it only resulted in these images unfortunately. It actually had a pretty nice story that revolved around a guy who gets involved with terrorists, and develops a strange fetish for blowing himself up.

Sneak Preview

Avecom, IndieCade and PC Gamer

A while back I was contacted about having my games displayed at a dutch game/art festival called AveCom. They were real nice about it, and I just had a look at their site and saw that a lot of other cool art and games had been on display.

Click here to check it out

Eurogamer wrote a bit about my games as they were displayed at IndieCade this year. It's a shame I didn't get to go there, but I was pretty broke at the time. Hopefully I'll get another chance soon enough.

Click here for the article.

In other news, I hear Xoldiers will be featured on the cover disc of the next issue of PC Gamer UK. Always nice with a bit of publicity.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tap Tap Dance

Mark Johns, creator of the amazing Space Barnacle and Shit Game, contacted me a while ago and asked me if I wanted to make a theme for a game he was working on. Of course I said yes. The project was a sequel to a rythm game, and I got to make a mock up level for a song by Moby. Only part of the mock up made it into the game, but hopefully it'll be updated at some point.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Weekly News

Well, I figured I should start posting news more frequently, which is why I decided to create this blog.

In december I'm planning to make a game 'together' with Messhof. We're actually making two separate games, but they're based around the same concept. It's gonna be interesting to see how the two turn out.

I'm also working on Mondo Nation, which will be a compilation of the three Mondo games I've made so far (actually, the third is far from finished yet). Hopefully I'll get a chance to update it for IGF.

Further more, I've been discussing a collaboration with my brother. Wether it'll be a game or something else is yet to be determined. I'm very proud of my brother and his creativeness. He's a lot better than me in many respects. Hopefully you'll get a chance to see that for yourselves.

Finally, Lo-Fi Minds most likely has a few releases lined up for this month. Sadly they do not include Brain-Damaged Toon Underworld, which has suffered a bit from the personal crisis I've had these last few months. I'd expand on it, but I doubt anyone's interested in hearing about it.

Awful Lovecraft Game

I made an awful game for the new TIGSource competition. Basically I just mock a few of Lovecraft's bad ideas. Seriously, it's so bad that I didn't bother to name it. But it looks pretty neat so it might be worth a check anyway.


WASD - Move
Mouse - Aim/Shoot

PS. The game ends when you've found everything. Yeah, I know it's boring. I might update and make it worth playing at some point in the future.


Let's go to war people! Here's my entry for the latest Poppenkast competition. I liked it enough to work a whole day on it together with my man Terry who designed most of the levels and wrote most of the military talk.



Highscore table:

Z - Shoot
X - Dodge enemy bullets
C - Throw grenades
Arrows - move

The game also has a level editor and features excessive explosions.