Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A collaboration between me, Fucking Werewolf ASSO (Music, Graphics), my brother (Cover Art), and gbsr (SFX).

DOWNLOAD (PC): http://cactusquid.com/games/FWA.zip
DOWNLOAD (MAC): http://cactusquid.com/games/fwamac.zip

A big thanks to L for the Mac port!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Caution + Thanks for the fanart!

Thanks for the awesome fanart. It got me working a bit now, hopefully I'll have it all fleshed out by the weekend.

There's one potential letdown about the game that I should probably address; it is very effects ridden. So if you've had problems getting games like Norrland running on your setup, you might have to forget about this game. When I showed it at the Killscreen Party during GDC the computer threw errors every once in a while when the graphics memory had been all used up. I'm not sure if there's a good way of fixing this...

The game's using multiple surfaces for various effects and I've even managed to get some slight pixel shaders in here. It looks completely trashy and I love it, hopefully it won't make people freak out.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I think I need some motivation...

Sorry for the lack of output these days. I've been feeling some pressure to actually make worthwhile games and generally not been having ideas popping into my head as frequently as I've had earlier.

I really want to finish the new mondo game as it is very close to completion, but I keep losing momentum.

Maybe if I see that there still is interest I'd get my shit together and plow through the last 10% of the game. I actually really like what I have so far, although it's a step away from previous installations. I hope it won't disappoint fans of the earlier games.

So, if you can't wait to play the game, please post some fanart and I'll try to feed off of that to get the game done!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hot Throttle Released!!


Me and Mark Johns' game Hot Throttle was just released on Adult Swim a few hours ago. The reviews so far are pretty wild:

"Words can hardly convey how ludicrous Hot Throttle is"
-Jordan Devore (Destructoid)

"It's like watching a car wreck."
-David James Peterjohn (jayisgames.com)

"It's not a gay pr0n simulation game as one would first think"
-WebPimp (JoystickWidow)

"It's pretty enjoyable, although those cutscenes remain creepy as hell."
-Michael Rose (indiegames.com/blog)

"Thank you... for everything."
-Anthony Carboni (bytejacker.com)

"Adult Swim’s New Game, Hot Throttle, is Bizarre, Even For Adult Swim Standards"
-Allen Park (DualShockers)

"Totally needs a graphics++ XBLA version asap."
-Dan Marshall (Zombie Cow Studios)

"It's all worth it for the strange and usually NSFW cutscenes!"
-Eric Caoili (GameSetWatch)

"this game is really wierd. i dont like it"
-Rebecca Sanchez (Adult Swim user)

"This game is just...awful"
-Liam Laferriere (Adult Swim user)

-Ck (Adult Swim user)

"This game is really wierd..."
-Joe (Adult Swim user)

"i like it this game naked game. and i got a boner too!"
-Anonymous (indiegames.com/blog visitor)

We will try to update the game with a bit more content that didn't make it to the flash version yet and add a little tutorial for easily troubled people. But do give it a try!

Next up would be my versus game, followed by Mondo and my comic around the same time. I'll keep you guys posted! <3

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stench Mechanics Mac Version


Forgot to post this. Another big thanks to L for spending his time porting the games!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nordic Game Jam + More Mac Ports! + Misc

Yeah, I know you're waiting for the Mondo game and whatever else, but I can only update with what I've actually got! Mondo X-mas will be released soon, I've got it to around 50% made, the only thing that isn't there is actual gameplay, sadly.

So here's what I've got instead; a horribly crappy game about Nordic Game Jam. It's a joke game, although some of it is somewhat accurate. I enjoyed the event a lot, but I couldn't resist poking fun at it when I failed to finish the more serious project I started. I also made a trailer so you wouldn't have to actually play the game.


Further more, the ever awesome L has provided me with two more Mac ports and even sent me slimmed down versions of Clean Asia!, Fractal Fighter and Illegal Communications that he ported earlier.

So here's Burn the Trash and Block On! for Mac users:



Also, I edited a video of my acceptance speech at IGF last year for a talk I gave and decided to upload it to YouTube. So I can finally post it on my blog without having to link the vid of the entire event.

Tomorrow I think another one of my games will be released! And I'll leave you with a screenshot of my work in progress for the TIGSource competition.