Tuesday, July 3, 2012

HOTLINE MIAMI - Announcement Trailer

So Hotline Miami - the new game me and Dennis have been working on for the past six months - has finally been announced. It's a surreal orgy of violence and neon lights. We wanted to make a bit of a tribute to the violent action flicks released during the 80s (although with less cheesy one liners). There's more to it than that, Devolver Digital has some extra details on their site about it.

Here's the announcement trailer:


Me and Dennis are also officially starting a more permanent collaboration; Dennaton Games. Visit our website at http://www.Dennaton.com/ to see the future of webdesign and entertainment.

To clarify; me and Dennis are doing the game design together, he's also drawing the graphics and I'm doing the programming.

As for other games, we'll probably release a free version of Life/Death/Island soon, and I'll make sure the new Mondo game is released at some point after the summer.

Oh fuck. I totally forgot to link the amazing artists who contributed with music to the trailer. Perturbator and El Huervo both write sweet ass instrumental music, though quite far apart stylistically. Click the images below to hear more from them!