Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Design

I redesigned the site and the headers for the blog and forum were modified to fit the new style. Hope you like it.

Games page has also been updated with twelve (previously released) games, which now makes it a list with forty entries.

Mondo Nation & Other News

Mondo Nation did not get a nomination for this year's IGF. Let's celebrate that with a few screenshots.

Unfortunately I never got around to create a decent demo, and the one I submitted was short and lacked polish. But I've still got high hopes for the game, and have been working idly at improving it this week. Hopefully it'll turn out well in the end.

I've also tried to work on some new stuff, but so far nothing's progressed very far, and all I have to show you are some more screenshots.

And I'm going to try to finish off some old projects that I never got around to releasing. Hopefully you'll see one in the next few days.