Saturday, May 22, 2010


Someone on the forums posted about an old game I made for the procedural generated content contest at TIGSource, so I decided to update the game slightly and put it up again.

New Version, Old Version

Updates include random mode, more generous amount of treasure chests, reloading by pressing DOWN + Z (or R), as well as a number of smaller fixes to make the experience a little bit more smooth.

I'm not dead!

So, been over two months since last update. Truth is I have been doing a bunch of things, but somehow I've ended up with nothing to show for it. I'm dying to release another game, but I've been trying to work on something worthwhile. It might be a good thing, maybe I'll end up creating something that blows my other games out of the water, but it'll probably mean fewer finished games.

For now, here's a few screens of things I've been experimenting with:

With some luck one or two of these will actually be finished somewhat soon!