Monday, January 4, 2010

IGF 2010 Nuovo Award Nomination

So, apparently TUNING ended up with a nomination for the Nuovo Award at IGF 2010 (another huge thanks to Stephen Lavelle for making this possible!).

- Tuning (Cactus)
The jury found praise for Cactus' platform game thanks to its bold style and its "uncompromising exploration" of almost psychedelic abstraction. Although the title can be frustrating as times, one juror noted that "you have to see the visual distortions and transformations as gameplay", and under that lens, the game seems even more charming.

I've got some stiff competition in there though, with games like Today I Die, Closure, Enviro-Bear and a mysterious Atari 2600 game called A Slow Year. I hope I have a chance!

Now I'm looking forward to see the student category nominations, and I'm very glad to see that Star Guard is up for an award, since it was probably my favorite game of last year.


Amidos said...

Hurrah Congratulation :) for ur nomination :)

mike said...

congrats. when might we get some tuning action?

Malatrova said...

FELICIDADES CABRON ,,from mexico a real fans of yours ,,congratulations

Unknown said...

Congrats on getting a nomination, I'll be rooting for you, naturally. ;)

barch said...

You better release Turning after this event, or I'll slaughter you.

Nessxx said...

Congrats! I can't wait to play the game in action! :D

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Although the title can be frustrating as times, one juror noted that "you have to see the visual distortions and transformations as gameplay", and under that lens, the game seems even more charming.

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