Friday, March 12, 2010

i won the nuovo award

I can't believe I actually won. Thank you everyone!

You can watch the award show here. The Nuovo award is presented at 30:00.


r.kachowski said...


does this mean tuning will be released soon? :D

Oliver Snyders said...


Thermoptic said...


xdeadbabe said...


Jason Tam said...

loved your speech man =D

FrankieSmileShow said...

Wooooooa! Congrats cactus! That was a super speech.

Elias Furenhed said...

Grattis! Ser verkligen fram emot att spela Tuning!

Blog 'em up-Jimmy said...

Stort gratis, önskar Blog 'em up-staben.

Davioware said...

Congrats man, well deserved for all your hard work and love of game design. Nice speech. :P

Unknown said...

Bravo ! I really loved your speech too, but did you think all the things you said. I mean... "Thank you", these are really strong words. ;)

26PM said...

I saw that. Thanks for being such a weirdo. I was laughing the whole time. Crazy inspirational.

Malatrova said...


Eclipse said...

congrats dude! cannot wait to play Tuning ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you! However, the game I'm anticipating the most is LIFE/DEATH/ISLAND... any chance that might be nearing completion?

P.S. Looks like good work on Tuning! Not my preferred genre, but then again, you don't really do a particular genre in the first place, do you?


Unknown said...

so... when we will be able to play it?

Phil Willis said...


Great experimental acceptance speech.

Two questions:

1. When is Tuning being released?

2. How did you convince Tobey Maguire to accept the award for you?


PhilSGoodman said...

Congratulations! Glad to finally see you getting yours!

You look so hipster. Very cute, I must say.

Anonymous said...

Awesome speech! Congrats! When will we be able to play Tuning and Gamma IV: The Game?!

kea said...

Okay... I've been lurking around here for quite some time now.
Now is probably the proper time to say "thank you" and "congratulations". This one sure was well deserved. I am really happy for you.
It's been a tough year, as I understand. Hopefully, brighter times are now ahead.
Keep up the good work, mate. 'Cause we need mondo nations.
We need tuning.
We need life death island.
We need...We need 'em all. \o/

Go get'em tiger. Go go GO ! :-)

Anonymous said...

Best acceptance speech *ever*

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That was a great speech!

Why didn't you hug the girl though?

Anonymous said...


cactus said...

I know Kyle better than I know Erin :P

John Marwin said...

Yo! I can't believe you put me as co-creator to the game ;)

I've gotta say, that acceptance speech was really something, maybe if we collab on another game with more advanced visuals/sound, maybe we can both do something even weirder next year? :D

(who knows, maybe we'll both be standing there.. oogling the audience haha)

Anyways, good show lad, very good show indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hello? Are you alive? Too drunk to do stuff? Get better, buddy.

Unknown said...

dude..your speech rocked=)) any news on tuning?

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evilguy said...

Congratulations Cactus dude!

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