Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here's something new



Sugarbeard said...

This fucking rocks. Sick music.

Mister Scoops said...

AWESOME! You must have spent ages fine tuning the explosions to be so fucking badass. Especially when a couple of those traveling orb things decide to blow the piss out of you at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I was having lots of fun, but then:

action number 1
of Step Event
for object searcher:

Error in code at line 10:

at position 49: Unknown variable x

I think I had just died, but it was hard to tell.

Perrin said...

This is really damn good. Sadly a bit hard for me but I'm not the best at hard games. Really excellent visual style.

Anonymous said...

I get an error and crash every time i launch the game
action number 1
of Create Event
for object objSurfacer:

Error defining an external function.

Joan Casaramona said...

great job with everything, felt a bit short but that's just because it was really fun, graphics, gameplay, sound, this one has a bright future like you baby

r.kachowski said...

oho! does this mean that all the other unfinished games from that video still have a chance of being completed?

cactus said...

I think I fixed that bug. Glad you guys enjoy the game :)

Updated a little bit to fix some small issues.

ortoslon said...


xdeadbabe said...

fucking awesome!!! :D

Blaine said...

This game is amazing. The first time I shot a grenade (or whatever it was) and it exploded I kinda shit my pants with excitement. Thank you for putting this in my life. =)

ronnoc said...

That was pretty fantastic

CJ Ruiz said...

sick! new cactus game on my birthday! alriiiight!

Dante said...

at least so good ol' cactus quality games

it makes me wonder how i can survive my own grenades tough

Anonymous said...

i still get the same error with the updated version, from both .exe files
action number 1
of Create Event
for object objSurfacer:

Error defining an external function.

cactus said...

Try extracting the game before playing it. It's the dll files that aren't working for one reason or another (incompatible with your OS or they're not extracted so the game can't access them).

Legendary said...

Glad to see this actually released, I remember when your computer screwed up and deleted a bunch of stuff including this, and I happened to still have it from some level design request. Glad to see you were able to get it done, good work.

Anonymous said...

ucking awesome!!! :D

matt said...


Boris said...

oh my god the explosions they're beautiful

ohh myy goddddd

Juan said...

My favorite game since Stench Mechanics. thx cactus

Ruined My Day said...

dude, awesome. I keep dieing by the missile spheres, but I don't even care anymore. keep up the good work.

Arcalimon said...

This game is really amazing! BUT it's too short, there are too few missions. In my opinion a random level generator would be the best possibile addition and the game would be EPIC (to the level I would probably pay something for it)

Olympi said...

It's must be fun on a Qwerty... :/

(Use the arrow keys would be a better choice)

Meadmoon said...

I adore this game, as short as it is.
If there were a level editor and of course a couple more levels, I imagine this would have me sucked in for quite some time.
Also, the chaotic fun of the last level and having missile drones spam all those rockets at you when you mess up, and still you somehow manage to come out on top is an awesome feeling. :D

paresse et rebel said...

i get a BSOD at start.. :( my firsts on this machine.. win7 x64.
to bad it looks good.
may I play jasnego on my radio show? have more tracker music like that?



cactus said...

Hertzcanary and John Marwin has some really cool tracks as well. Not exactly the same style, but still awesome.

cactus said...

Hertzcanary and John Marwin has some really cool tracks as well. Not exactly the same style, but still awesome.

Cesque said...

"Please don't lose the civilians", hehehe. Wonder how many people saw that :P

Melly said...

Graphics are your usual Cactus fair. Pleasing to the eyes and with tons of explosive effects. The screen blurring at explosions is a great touch. Music is as usual also fantastic.

Unfortunately I think the game's just a bit too hard, and may I say somewhat luck-based, especially with those damn missile firing orbs. It seems to be a matter of luck that I get to kill them before they fire, and even if I take cover to prevent their fire, the fire counter in them doesn't reset, so they fire instantly once I'm back out of cover. Made every level with more than one of them a shore to get through.

Still pretty enjoyable while it lasted. Maybe with a few difficulty tweaks it would be even better.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Would love to have a progress save but that's my only gripe. Explosions are totally aweseome

Anonymous said...

this game seems to have crashed my computer. anybody have an idea why/how i might fix it? screen went blank and remains so even after restart. typing on the damn wii now.

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