Friday, August 13, 2010

Norrland & Gamma4 separate downloads




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Fearian said...

I absolutely loved your Gamma 4 entry, what a good excuse to play it again!

Did you do the music for it? Where can I get hold of some similar stuff? Its freakin ace! :D

Justin said...

After playing Norrland, I feel the deep artistic expression that it is. Amazing piece of art.

Anonymous said...

are the animations in norrland supposed to be transparent? they've got black rectangular backgrounds for me.

Anonymous said...

i dont understand how to do the knife dream. i tried mashing the right arrow key and that seeemed to be working but nothing happens

Cesque said...

Is there more than one ending? I'd find out the hard way, but playing through this game once is a traumatising experience in itself.

cactus said...

There is one ending, I didn't see a reason for more than one playing and the dark finish seemed more than adequate.

Cesque said...

Oh. So it didn't made any difference if I picked the mushrooms or not :[

cactus said...

The mushrooms do matter, you get to eat what you pick during the eating game (unless I forgot to change some debug thing). And you can also fail or win in a few of the other minigames, but ultimately you're in for the same grim fate anyway.

Sam said...

Anyone got any advice on how to light a fire? Nothing I do seems to work. Thanks!

Cerv said...

Yep, I give up. The knife dream... Are you suposed to just hit left as fast as possible? Sometimes it seems to be working, but then the knife suddenly comes back. If it's just button mashing, I really can't understand why it isn't working (or it is the worst button mashing ever).

Other than that, the game is really cool. Gama IV too - albeit too short, but awesome.

B said...

Just finished Norrland and it was incredible. i too picked up the mushrooms but i don't know if i experienced them or not. is there a hallucinating sequence or how do they affect the game?

cactus said...

You just eat the mushrooms. Your stereotypical Norrlänning doesn't pick mushrooms for recreational purposes.

The trick with the knife is to make sure the momentum never reverts. Once it starts going back you'll have to wait until it goes back to it's starting position and try again.

Just tap until your fingers bleed. Imagine how much will power you must gather to stab yourself in the head if you need a reason for why it's a bit difficult :)

Mister Scoops said...

GAH! I waited and waited for this! Then it comes out, I get all excited, download it, play it, and... it sits there for 5 minutes. Really latency garbled sound plays. A deer head guy makes his way across the screen after another 5 minutes of black screen...

I assume Norrland isn't Windows 7 compatible.

Cerv said...

Ah, I just finished it! =] The knife part was the only tricky part in the game, really (and the "dance" dream - it ended before I could understand what to do; in my second play, I'll probably get it). The ending is really creepy and depressing. What I really liked about the game is how a meaningless life is told through a bunch of meaningless minigames (kill a mosquito! drink beer! piss!) and scary suicidal acts (the roulette part is really screwed up). That said, I loved it, Cactus. To me, it was the best thing you made since "This is Infinity" (although you didn't released much inbetween).

Now, I really want to see any of your bigger projects released (Mondo, Air Pirates, Life/Death/Island, Tunning... There's still hope for BDTU?).

Greetings from Brazil! =]

Cerv said...

Scoops, I am using Windows 7 here, and just finished it. So, it must be something else.

Mister Scoops said...

Hmmm... this isn't the first game made with Game Maker that has done this. I wonder if it has something to do with the game resolution changing to fit my laptop's widescreen display. Only about 50% of Cactus's stuff works for me on this laptop. My desktop PC with XP on it ran everything fine.

Anonymous said...

moght be ny new favorite cactus game,at least of the 2D ones. its still hard to compare to the mondos or this is infity, but just because they're completely different experiences. really great work on this one!(see, i even added an exclamation point. i enjoyed this game)

ortoslon said...

what's the native resolution of γ4tg?

Cesque said...

I lost the dance part so fast (by mashing random keys) that I didn't even see what I was supposed to do in it. Didn't have any trouble figuring out the knife part, though...

MacDiver said...

I'm having trouble passing the dead animal "loving" scene. Any tips or clues on how to pass it? Also, why on earth is up used for jumping? This isn't a fighting game.

Anonymous said...

WTF do i do with the bird dream? i drunk now and can't escape the sun! I luv ur game so muchhh.

Anonymous said...

i flap n flap, but the higher i get the more dead i get. plz hellp drunk fool who is currently frustrated while in love!

Tom said...


Jus' finished Norrland... on a Mac (through Crossover Games 9).
Unfortunately, there was no sound, but it was quite an experience nevertheless. I jus' loooved them visuals.
Thanks for makin' the game.

Btw, I usually manage to run all yer games on my Mac via Crossover Games *with* sound, but fer some reason Norrland and Gamma4 remain silent.
Oh, well. Ya can't win 'em all.

Anonymous said...

None of the transparent sprites worked for me. They all showed up with black backgrounds. Even so, I really enjoyed playing it. Great job.

Anonymous said...

i wish you made ports for mac, it would make things so much easier for me...

hydra9 said...

Re: Bird dream. Keep flapping enough so that you don't hit the lava, but not too much (You don't want to hit that second screen).

I just finished Norrland. Really liked it, apart from the tingling that is now in my wrists - and the ending. Not because it was depressing but just because it was a bit... well, disappointing.

I've also learned how to deal with bear attacks. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cactus. That was really special. You had the guts to put things in Norrland that most game creators would never let out of the grim dungeon's of their repressed subconscious'. This is better creative work than most auteur film makers. Basically, you kick Lars Von Trier's ass. Suck that, Roger Ebert!

Anonymous said...

This game made me contemplate suicide for the majority of a day.

JWG said...

Hey Cactus.

Loved Gamma IV and Norrland is my favorite thing you've ever released. It's kind of weird to say something like that, something like, 'it made me think about killing myself. I love it', but that was my reaction to it. When it came out I linked to it on my facebook and someone said,'yay a new cactus game! they always make me so sad!' It was just like that, with exclamation marks and everything. I wrote a review of it for my friends to read. You can read it too if you want to:

I think it would be cool if you got reviewed by a 'legit' site like gamespot or something, just to see their reaction to your stuff. I think it would make them angry for reasons they couldn't explain.

TRoss said...

Jonatan, that's one well-rounded pixel art project, storywise and otherwise. True, it is a bit depressing, but why wouldn't it be?

As for the visuals, I loved the discrete "jerky camera" effect combined with the "interlace lines", and the muted color palette is a spot-on. I really, really dig the direction you have taken with Norrland.

Oh, and I just loved the drummer graphics - more in that style, please. ;)

Dave said...

Norrland reminds me of Lars Monsen...

Daniel B said...

is there any more of the game after 8 questions or does the game simply freeze on my computer after that?

cactus said...

There should be an ending screen after the questions... Not sure why the game would freeze.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the controls theres no readme or instructions anywhere!

Thaddeus said...

Um I'm sorry I did not comment earlier - Gamma 4 is honestly a moneymaking candidate. For mobile OSs, or running in flash? I have a Droid phone, and I would honestly buy this and tell all my peeps to do it as well. A dazzling one-button game - exactly what we need.

Thaddeus said...

That is to say - you should seriously consider porting your games to Apple and Android smartphones as apps. Though I think Apple's content filtering might not accept all of them... lol

Michel said...

Haha! Det var som att uppleva en dag i min vän hampus liv. Fantastiskt.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to get past the dead animal lovin' scene either. I tap and tap, and he just kinda slows down after a while. Any secret to it?

Anonymous said...

Oh, for the knife part, just use both left key and numpad left. That helps if you're a slow tapper.

PimPim said...

Damn what I hated the knife-dream. It was a pain! And I thought we could get a better ending then that. But, yeah. I liked the game anyway.
Good job, Cactus!

PimPim said...

"Unexpected error occured when running the game" when trying to start Gamma4. Help please?

Peter said...

Norrland was very impressive; I really liked the visuals and the never-quite-music, and the way the ending questions were set up, as you eventually just typed yes yes yes yes really fast, was close to genius. I'm also curious: was "Nature calls!", an American (and I think British?) euphemism for "I have to shit", a deliberate joke? This game did seem more allusive than your others; the Jaws reference in the sea-dream was a nice moment of comic relief in a pretty damn harrowing game.

señor said...

playing norrland was a fucking intense experience. Great, great game.

Bernie said...

incredible work! so happy to play them, thank you

Unknown said...

You have made one dangerous game. Some narrowminded or overemotional person(or if the person had the thought already) might kill oneself for Norrland.
However it are things like this that keep me alive and it scares me how much the main character resembles you. Please do not kill yourself.
I beg you.

Unknown said...

Ignore my faggish comment if you want. I felt weird at the time.

Kane said...

Really hated the ending (Norrland). Loved the rest of it, though.

cactus said...

Norrland is in no way a autobiographical game. So don't worry about me.

What did you hate about the ending, Kane?

Death God McGee said...

Seriously, I can't figure out the controls on any of the minigames, and therefore can't win this, since I can't figure out how to get past the beer drinking part. Any help?

Anonymous said...

I love how in Gamma 4 the music makes the game and the game makes the song.

jim said...

Truly disturbing game, cactus. You actually deserve some genuine credit here.

jim said...

Jeroen, I get where you were coming from. The screaming face at the end is something that I think most people have to deal with at some point in their lives.

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yes i like this.

Anonymous said...

You just sold an album.

Anonymous said...

reminds me of a Samuel Beckett ballet: "Quad"

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Anonymous said...

After the doctor segment, is the game supposed to end? I couldn't do anything, so I just quit.

juliaroberts said...

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Anonymous said...

very good sound fx and atmosphere, depressive existencial narrative, bukowsky would have loved this game

escooler said...

mac version!

John Kollberg said...

Norrland blew my mind, man! Good job!

Unknown said...

Very creative use of very basic game design elements. Good job Cactus!

TiredOfLosing said...

Nice game Enjoyed playing it.

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the game a lot but all the sprites have black squares around them. Is there a fix for this?

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous is a spamdick. I love the music in Norrlands' trailer @ youtube. Some gameplay tips, if you don't mind:

1. there's a lot of hitting a button fast or keeping it pressed (shitting, pissing, lighting fire, rowing etc).

2. you're able to maneuver some pretty fast button smashing by tapping the same button with the index finger of both hands simultaneously (knife dream)

3. as in other GM games, the buttons you need are directions, z and x.

To get the games work you might need to update some drivers, directx and libraries. I'm not sure which do the gamemaker need.

Anyways, the game looks really cool. It was also reviewed in a finnish game magazine (Pelit p.72), which is how I found your games. They said it's an ugly game with ugly and shocking content, not safe for kids.

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Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Norrland for all of its crude honesty and.. I don't know. It was powerful in a way. Thank you for making it.

Gamma4 is pretty sweet, too. Very interesting and fun game. Haven't had time to mess with it much yet.

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Unknown said...

After playing Norrland, I feel the deep artistic expression that it is. Amazing piece of art.

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I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Norrland for all of its crude honesty and.. I don't know. It was powerful in a way. Thank you for making it.

Anonymous said...

Does it work for mac?

Anonymous said...

I'm button smashing on the drinking part and nothing. tricks and tips?

Unknown said...

What Are The Controls?

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Unknown said...

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Can there be a download for mac??

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What do I do in the bird dream i just sat there for a half a hour and nothing happened

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what's the native resolution of γ4tg?

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